About us

Imbroglio Design is dedicated to creating professional, dynamic and affordable covers for emerging and self-published authors. We create eye-catching, professional covers that will attract attention, while conveying the style and genre of your book. We also design new covers for out of date, published titles. Imbroglio Design offers both pre-made designs and custom designs.

Pre-made designs
Pre-made designs are perfect for an author on a tight budget, but who still wants to have a quality cover. The text is customised to the author, and once sold the design will never be sold or reproduced again. A spread (back-spine-front) can be purchased with a pre-made design and are quoted on an individual basis. The available designs can be viewed here.

Custom Designs 
We offer premium customised designs. We will translate your vision into a sleek, professional cover designed to give your book the extra edge it needs to sell in a crowded industry. 

Our custom design package includes:
- Three custom cover art (the front cover artwork) options based on your requirements
- Changes to your chosen design until 100% approved by you
- Book spread design and formatting to fit paperback and ebook (back-spine-front) 
- Upload to Createspace, KDP, Amazon and/or Smashwords

Contact us for pricing details. 

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